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Top 5 Reincarnation Manhwa That You Must Read

If you are looking for Reincarnation Manhwa to read, then you are on right place. Here on NDROZONE, you can find your favorite Manhwa, Manhua And Manga Recommendations just like this article, below are some of the best Manhwa for you to read if you like reading Reincarnation Manhwa.

Here’s the list of Top 5 Reincarnation Manhwa That You Must Read:

1. Damn Reincarnation

Damn Reincarnation

Status – Ongoing

Chapters –  64+

Rating – 5.0

Synopsis –

When the brave warrior Hamel sacrifices himself to protect his rival Bermut Lionhart, he makes Bermut promise to defeat the last of the demon kings. However, when Hamel is reincarnated with his memories 300 years later, he is shocked to discover that not only are the demon kings still alive, but that he has been reborn as Eugene Lionhart, a descendant of his former rival’s bloodline! Now, as Eugene comes of age, he must train to prove himself worthy of the Lionhart name and fulfill his destiny by eliminating the remaining demon kings once and for all. This is a unique tale of a warrior’s quest for redemption and justice.

2. Duke Pendragon

Duke Pendragon

Status – Ongoing

Chapters –  175+

Rating – 4.8

Synopsis –

After spending 10 grueling years as a monster hunter in the Devil’s Army, Raven Balt is given his final mission: to guard Allen Pendragon, the heir of a once-great dragon-taming family. However, when Raven and Allen are both killed as part of a conspiracy, Raven wakes up seven years in the past, inside Allen’s body. In order to solve the mystery behind his death, Raven must find the legendary White Dragon and restore the power of House Pendragon. But does this mere hunter have what it takes to become a master of dragons? This is a unique tale of a man’s quest for redemption and justice.

3. The Dark Magician Transmigrates After 66666 Years

The Dark Magician Transmigrates After 66666 Years

Status – Ongoing

Chapters –  100+

Rating – 4.9

Synopsis –

Diablo Volpir, a formidable dark mage, was defeated and sealed away in a battle against the 12 gods. After 66,666 years, he finally awakens from his slumber, but in the body of a newborn baby named Jamie Welton! Nine years later, with only a fraction of the power he once possessed and surrounded by a loving family and peaceful environment, Jamie sets out to exact revenge against the 12 gods who sealed him away. This is a unique tale of a powerful mage’s quest for vengeance.

4. The Heavenly Demon Can’t Live a Normal Life

The Heavenly Demon Can’t Live a Normal Life

Status – Ongoing

Chapters –  81+

Rating – 4.6

Synopsis –

Junghyeok Baek, the divine demon overlord of Murim, is on a mission to find out the truth behind his mysterious reincarnation. He has been reborn into the body of Roman Dimitri, a dim-witted baron’s son who is obsessed with the luxuries of aristocratic life. But with his new status, Junghyeok is determined to shake things up on the continent of Salamander. Will he succeed in his quest? And will he finally uncover the truth behind his reincarnation? Only time will tell. But one thing is for sure, Junghyeok’s journey is sure to be an exciting one.

5. Standard of Reincarnation

Standard of Reincarnation

Status – Ongoing

Chapters –  175+

Rating – 4,6

Synopsis –

Daven, a member of the Samion family, was a one-armed martial soldier who had lost his right arm. Despite the ridicule and contempt he faced for only having a left arm, he surpassed the direct line of the Samion family with his genius. However, in the end, he was betrayed by his own family and parents, leading to a tragic end. But fate had other plans for Daven, and he was reincarnated. “I have a right arm?” he exclaimed, as he discovered that he now had a new family tradition, a naturally gifted body, and the experience from his past life. With the god Yulion by his side, everything changed for Daven after his reincarnation. A new adventure began, full of excitement and challenges. Will Daven be able to overcome the obstacles in his path and achieve greatness? Only time will tell.

Conclusion –

This is it guys, this was the list of Top 5 Reincarnation Manhwa That You Must Read. All of them are must read manhwas, so make sure you give them a try, also check out more posts on our site for more Manhwa, Manhua And Manga Recommendations.

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